Oxy-Acetylene Welding Torch Kits

Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kits are the perfect option for your project needs. Whether you're looking to weld in those hard to reach places in airplanes and cars, or making the coolest metal art on the market, a gas torch kit from Blue Feather Torch is what you need. 
Do you need your welding torch to: 
  • Have a precision flame?
  • Not weigh as much as a sledge hammer? 
  • Be able to get into those hard to reach places? 
  • Be manufactured in the USA?
If so, you need to check out these kits. Don't struggle to accomplish that project you have your sights set on. It's time for you to pick up a Blue Feather Torch and get it done easily. 


Click above to check out our kits and experience the best oxy-acetyline torches on the market!