The Blue Feather Torch Story

Blue Feather Torch was born out of necessity. One of Dan Murphy's biggest passions in life is airplanes, after spending hundreds of hours designing, engineering, and assembling an aircraft (4130 Steel Tube) structure it was time to weld it together. Although the welds needed to be good, another concern of Dan's was keeping the welded area ductile to prevent cracking (Hydrogen Embrittlement). After reasearching, Dan determined that an OxyAcetylene Torch would be the best method. Although Dan already owned three torches as well as TIG & MIG, the search was on. Being unable to find the perfect torch for the job, Dan started his own design of an OxyAcetylene torch. This is where it all began for Blue Feather. Originally, it was not supposed to take so many years to produce, but now Dan has the almost perfect torch, since in Dan’s eyes nothing is ever finished nor perfect. He now has three patents, two torches, and another big torch on the way!

There are a few characteristics of the OxyAcetylene Blue Feather Torch that sets it apart from other torches in the market.

1. The complete mixing of Oxygen & Acetylene

2. Designed for aircraft (4130) welding to get superior welds which are easy to get with our torch

3. Superior flame control which removes the frustration adjusting flame on small tips

4. We have a basic torch kit with 7 or 9 tips and 9 more tip sizes available soon

5. Smallest torch handle possible with the most unique mixing chamber ever invented

In 2015, after 6 years of research and development, Dan applied for his 1st Patent. Once the patent was secured, he went to an exposition where he wanted to get feedback from other welders who use gas torches. This was important to Dan because he wanted to make sure that the Blue Feather Torch was built FOR the welder.

Now it is 2021, and the Blue Feather Torch is ready to be launched to the public. The torch is a great fit for the Professional Welder all the way to the DIY Hobbyist. Whether you’re missing the right tip sizes to get your job done, need a torch that is usable in the shop or in the field, or your current torch lacks the precision you require, Blue Feather Torch has your solution. You shouldn’t have to feel stuck or frustrated because there isn’t a torch that does exactly what you need.

Dan Murphy was born and raised in Two Harbors, Minnesota and has been involved in building things for as long as he can remember. He started learning about machining at the age of 12 on his Grandpa's Lathe, and he still has the lathe to this day (although it is only a decoration now)! He has often said that the Blue Feather Torch has been a passion rather than a job. After years of development, people have often said to Dan that, "You have thought of everything!".

We are proud to have DESIGNED and MANUFACTURED the Blue Feather OxyAcetylene Torch in Two Harbors, MN.  We could not have done it without the help and input of our friends and family, there are too many to list!