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Brand New Cutting Torch

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Here's why you need a Blue Feather Torch:

Flame Control

The flame created by any Blue Feather Torch is unmatched in the gas welding world. Whether you need a big flame or tiny precision, you can take control with no issues.

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USA Made

Every product made by Blue Feather Torch is manufactured and assembled in the USA. These torches are built to last, able to be handed down to the next generation of welders.

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Lightweight Body

Other gas torches on the market can be heavy and tiring to use. Blue Feather solved this issue with innovative design to give you a lightweight torch that doesn't compromise the flame.

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You Can Solder With Any Blue Feather Torch!

Our torches can take on any job, big or small.

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Blue Feather Torch Straight Torch Kit and 7 Tips
7 Tip Straight Torch Kit
Blue Feather Torch Straight Grip Torch Dimensions
7 Tip Straight Torch Kit
7 Tip Straight Torch Kit


7 Tip Straight Torch Kit
Regular price $440.00

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Weld with the precision you need! Blue Feather Torch offers lightweight torches with precision flame. This kit features our straight grip torch body, 7 tips, 1 extension, and tip cleaners. Whether you're a professional welder or a DIY hobbyist, this kit is perfect for your welding needs. 

Try The New Satin Finish!
We've added a satin finish option to all of our torches. These are perfect for the torch user who is going to be putting their torch to the test every day. It's a sleek-looking finish that makes cleaning and maintenance much easier than our polished option. Try one today! 
Included with the Kit:
  • Straight Grip Handle
  • Short Tip Extension
  • Choose between two of our tip packages:
    • Standard: Perfect for getting started with your torches. (0,1,2,3,4,5,6)
    • Aviation: Perfect for smaller projects. (0, .5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3)
  • Tip Cleaners
  • Plastic Torch Case

7 Tip Pistol Grip Torch Kit9 Tip Pistol Grip Torch Kit7 Tip Straight Torch Kit9 Tip Straight Torch Kit

Blue Feather Small Torch and Pistol Grip Kit

Single Torch Kits Starting at $439.99!

Whether you are a seasoned welder or a DIY hobbyist, Blue Feather Torch wants to make your welding project easier. Now available with our Standard or Aviation Tip Packages!

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7 Tip Double Torch Kit9 Tip Double Torch KitGrand Daddy KitGrand Daddy Plus Kit

Blue Feather Multi-Torch Kits

Multi-Torch Kits Starting at $729.99!

Blue Feather Multi-Torch Kits for the ultimate OxyAcetylene Torch user. Now available with our Standard or Aviation Tip Packages!

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Blue Feather Torch Product Overview

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We believe in our product, and we know that you’ll love it. If for any reason you don’t, our guarantee is that you can return it within 30 days of delivery in a like new condition (non-manufacturer scratches, dents, blemishes, or signs of use whatsoever) for a refund (10% restocking fee applies) To initiate our guarantee process, please click the button below.

Individual Standard TipsIndividual Half Size TipsIndividual Micro TipsIndividual Air Acetylene TipsIndividual Cutting Tips

Brand new

Individual Tips

Blue Feather Torch now offers our Standard, Half, and Micro Tips for individual sale!

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Blue Feather Torch transforms your welding experience from missing the precision needed to taking total control of the flame with precision and finesse!

Lightweight Torches

Blue Feather Torch strives to offer lightweight torches.

Our Straight Grip Torch as shown weighs 13.4 oz.

Our Pistol Grip Torch as shown weighs 16.2 oz.

Unique Mixing Chambers

The Blue Feather OxyAcetylene Torch has the best mixing chamber on the market in the smallest handle possible! We wanted to give welders a more ergonomic torch that was small and lightweight. We accomplished this by utilizing modern machining technology with careful design.

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Built to Last and be Handed Down

The Blue Feather OxyAcetylene Torch has been made to last so that it can be handed down to future generations. We did this by using the best materials available and careful design.

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