Our Story

The small Blue Feather Torch was born out of necessity while Dan Murphy was working on welding projects. Dan would often run into problems of feeling stuck and frustrated with his big  welding torch.  Oftentimes, Dan would use a torch that was simply too big to be useful in hard to reach areas of a project and it would take significantly more time and effort to get to those areas.  In 2009, Dan took it upon himself to solve his problem, and that is when the design for the Blue Feather Torch began.

There are a few characteristics of the OxyAcetylene Blue Feather Torch that sets it apart from other torches in the market. One of the biggest differences is the design of the handle.  The Blue Feather Torch Handle is significantly smaller and lighter than other torches.  This allows the torch to fit into small areas and allows the welding to not feel the fatigue from holding a heavy torch above your head.  Another benefit of the Blue Feather Torch is the neck-down design, so that a welder can orientate the torch without having to look at it. This is again useful in hard to reach areas when a welder may not have the best view of the torch.

In 2015, after 6 years of research and development, Dan patented his design and was ready to show off the Blue Feather Torch to industry experts. The Blue Feather Torch was shown off at trade shows and expositions and this gave Dan the opportunity to hear feedback from other professionals in the industry.  This was important to Dan because he wanted to make sure that the Blue Feather Torch was built FOR the welder.

Now it is 2021, and the Blue Feather Torch is ready to be launched to the public.  The torch is a great fit for the Professional Welder all the way to the DIY Hobbyist.  Whether you’re missing the right tip sizes to get your job done, need a torch that is usable in the shop or in the field, or your current torch lacks the precision you require, Blue Feather Torch has your solution. You shouldn’t have to feel stuck or frustrated because there isn’t a torch that does exactly what you need.

Dan Murphy was born and raised in Two Harbors, Minnesota and has been involved in building things ever since he was able to get his hands on a Lathe at 12 years old. He has often said that the Blue Feather Torch has been a passion rather than a job.  He didn’t design the Torch for the money and didn’t move onto the next project until he was 100% satisfied with the work, and honestly he doesn’t know how anyone can improve upon the Blue Feather Torch.