The Blue Feather Cutting & Welding Torch

The Blue Feather Cutting & Welding Torch

A New Revolutionary Cutting And Welding Torch

At Blue Feather Torch, we pride ourselves on creating high quality oxygen-acetylene torches that are designed to last for generations. This started with the launch of our small welding torches. Since then, we have been hard at work designing and developing a brand new cutting torch (that also welds) that we know is different than anything else available on the market.

The Torch Button

The torch has a button on the bottom of the handle. This has replaced the standard lever that you’re used to on the top. The button is built internal to the handle of the torch, making accessories much more customizable and affordable. We know this will allow many people to weld and cut in places they couldn’t have dreamed of with the current options out there.

Internal Valving And Mixing Chambers

Internally, this new cutting torch has the same valves that are in both of our small torch handles. Why is that important? Well, it allows you to use any small torch tip with ease on the big torch. Whether you want to make plasma like cuts, or solder wires or very small items with a .0055 inch diameter tip, or weld up to 1/2 inch plate with tip diameters up to .110 inch, this torch can do it.

We’ve also used the same mixing chamber design in this torch as we did in our small torch. This is important to accomplish the best mix of oxygen and acetylene available on gas torches. 



(2 pieces of 3 x 5 x 1/2 inch steel. Welded with Blue Feather #6 tip)

Extensions Available

The way we’ve designed the body of the torch allows for a whole different approach to attachments than you’re used to. All the valving that makes the torch work is within the body, so attachments can be made to be extremely versatile and affordable. So far we’ve been creating different attachment lengths and head angles for our initial launch, and here’s what we’ve got now:

  • 6-inch 90 Degree
  • 6-inch Straight
  • 12-inch Straight
  • 12-inch 90 Degree
  • 18-inch Straight
  • 18-inch 90 Degree

We are planning on making other sizes as well, but we want to hear from customers like you on what your needs are. If you have a specific length or angle you want, don't hesitate to let us know. 

Patented Swivel Head

The patented swivel head is something you may have seen online already (over 500,000 views on Tik Tok so far). This attachment is going to be a game changer. This attachment will allow you to make precision plasma-like cuts. It's also been tested to make cuts up to 1 inch in thickness so far. 

Coming Soon

You’re excited to get your hands on one of these torches, aren’t you? We’re excited to get you one, but it’s not time just yet. We’re ramping up production right now. To guarantee you get one as quick as possible, we’ve added a pre-order button to the product page for the cutting torch.

When you purchase a pre-order, you lock in your spot as they are available. Once yours is ready, we’ll shoot you an email and let you know final invoicing details. At launch, we're offering two packages.


The standard comes with: 

  • Cutting Torch Handle
  • 6-inch 90-Degree Head
  • One Cutting Tip


The deluxe comes with: 

  • Cutting Torch Handle
  • 6-inch 90-Degree Head
  • 6-inch Straight Head
  • One Cutting Tip


If you need a different assortment of tips and attachments than that, we're happy to work on a custom package with you once we have a torch handle ready to send your way. 


Ready to learn more? Click the link below to check this revolutionary torch out!


Click Here For The Cutting Torch

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